Home Automation Process

At Bright Home Systems, we offer a variety of home automation services that are completely customizable to each project. By pre-selecting a small number of projects per year, we are able to focus all of our energy on providing quality product and service to our clients. We ensure that we take the time to research and present solutions to that are specific to the needs of each project. 


During the design phase of your build we work closely with you, the home builder, designer & architect in order to ensure that the home automation system that we install is a perfect fit for your home. During the design stage we spend a great deal of time learning about our client's lifestyle and how each space in the home is intended to be used. This ensures that we design a whole home system that is tailored to each client. This is also the time where we discuss the blending of home technology to the design aesthetic of the project. In our design and planning stage, we confirm that we have included future wiring needs into the electrical plans. We also like to spend this time discussing preliminary lighting scenes for each task in every room of the project.


During the construction phase of the project, this is where all of our time spent designing and planning really shines! We start with pulling wire to locations designated on the plans and then move to installation of the equipment in later phases of the build. At Bright Home Systems, we have consistent job site walkthroughs to ensure that every aspect of the install is going smoothly. From checking for buried wire at drywall stage, lighting placement and proactive wire testing, we work hard to minimize hiccups throughout the build.


At the possession stage, this is where we refine the installation and programming for the home automation system. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that the programming of the system is both easy to use and intuitive. This is where we get really specific about lighting scenes, quick touch buttons (ex. for favourite music) and automated sequences. This is where the magic of home automation is realized! At this stage of the project we can program one touch buttons that have the ability to dim the lights, play a relaxing playlist, turn on the fireplace, and lower the shades; All with a single button press. The options for programming a home automation system are virtually limitless, so we use our expertise to guide our clients to choices that will suit their lifestyles the best.

Seasonal Maintenance

An important part of our process is the seasonal maintenance and touch-up services. This is where we do walkthroughs to ensure that the system is functioning optimally, and make sure the installed technology is up to date. We also use these walkthroughs to make adjustments to programming (such as increasing the dim level of the morning lighting scenes during the winter months to allow more task lighting, or adjusting landscape audio presets for summer months). In a typical construction project, most trades are finished their work when the build is complete and keys are handed over to the client. At Bright Home Systems, we provide quality technology solutions and work to ensure our systems are delivering maximum benefit to our clients year round. Our systems grow and change over time and we are committed to supporting them for the lifetime of your home.

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