Lighting Control Systems

Lighting is an important part of both the functionality and design of a residential space and our smart lighting control systems provide an elegant way to easily control all of the lighting within your home. With new technology in automated lighting, users are now able to completely control the color temperature of the light in their home, and have it change throughout the day to mimic the natural light from outside.

A properly designed automated lighting system should not only give homeowners the ability to adjust individual lights and their dim level, but should make adjusting the lights more convenient. Our lighting control systems are thoroughly customizable, to give our clients the best solutions to fit their needs. By taking the time to discuss your lifestyle and your typical day, we are able to help you create “scenes” in your lighting and program these scenes to your keypad.  This eliminates the need to spend time adjusting individual lights in your home between “cooking” and “entertaining”. Having the appropriate lighting easily accessible helps to create a warm and inviting mood to your home, no matter what occasion.

When you walk into a room would you rather see five unlabelled light switches or one stylish laser engraved keypad? Tap the button of your choice and the lights move to their preset levels in unison, setting the mood instantly. For areas like staircases, hallways, mudrooms and laundry rooms we love to install occupancy sensors.  When you walk in the lights will automatically turn on and when you leave they automatically turn off.

 As residential lighting experts, we can help you navigate the pieces of your home lighting puzzle, making sure your house is well lit and comfortable. There are dozens of colour and style combinations  available to perfectly complement your decor and we would be happy to hear about your project and take you through the options. Contact us to visit our showroom and see how it can change your space!

Bright Home Systems is an authorized provider of Lutron, Ketra, HomeworksQSX and RadioRA2 lighting control solutions.